We believe in the power of government workers to transform our public institutions from the inside out.

We believe that given the right access to training, government workers on the ground are in the best position to improve our communities.

Let’s upskill one million government knowledge workers with the tools they need to have impact in the digital era.


Data Retreat

Government employees from across departments analyze data to address real policy challenges facing their communities.

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Analytics Accelerator

Jumpstart your civic analytics program by identifying home run use cases with the Analytics Accelerator.

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Lead with Data

Learn how to lead a smarter, more strategic, and responsive public organization with the Lead with Data workshop.

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Supercharging Government Intelligence with Excel

Build a foundation in analyzing government data and be confident in your decisions. Learn how to build regression models and automate analyses and speed up your work to help the communities you serve.

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Introduction to R Programming for Government Analytics

Automate your intelligence gathering with R, an easy-to-learn programming language that takes care of your most tedious data collection and cleanings tasks. Free yourself from monotonous processes and automate the creation of beautiful data visualizations.

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Data Science and Machine Learning for Government Decision-Making

Become a guru of government data analytics by implementing machine learning models with R, and identifying insights that drive decisions that affect thousands. Stand out as an analytics expert and transform your team and your career.

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Data Academy Partners

Thank you to Amazon Web Services for their generous philanthropic support of Socrata Data Academy scholarships.