Socrata Data Academy

Learn practical data analysis skills, tailor-made exclusively for government employees

There exists a massive opportunity to improve society using government data. However, it’s increasingly difficult for government information workers to know which data analysis tools to use and how to use them. By learning practical data analysis skills through the Socrata Data Academy, public servants can amplify their impact in policy creation and service delivery with data-informed decision making.

In partnership with the Socrata Foundation, the Socrata Data Academy teaches program leaders and government information workers how to analyze data and proficiently use modern data analysis technologies. This allows public servants to be more efficient and impactful in their day-to-day work which supports their agencies’ key programs and missions.

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The benefits of taking Socrata Data Academy courses

Learn Practical Skills

Take online and in-person classes to learn critical data analysis skills you can use in your day-to-day responsibilities.

Connect with Your Peers

Learn how your peers are leveraging data to improve decision making in their government organizations.

Grow Your Career

Earn certificates that validate your knowledge and expertise analyzing data in service to the public.

How you can participate

Online Learning

Free, on-demand courses on key data analysis topics for today’s leading government information workers. Receive recognized certifications for successful course completion and demonstrating your data analysis expertise.

In-person Learning

Learn from a data analysis expert and a small group of other government knowledge workers in-person to hone your data analysis capabilities. Complete hands-on projects in small groups at trainings near you.

Private Classroom Training

Have our training team come to you and tailor learning outcomes to your organization’s needs. Learn more about our private training topics and options.