Data Science and Machine Learning for government decision-making

This three-day training will turn you into a savvy data scientist with a solid foundation in unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques. You will elevate your knowledge of R to build data models and evaluate them, find new patterns in data, and predict behaviors and events. The workshop optimizes learning by integrating practice time and discussion time in class to improve retention and provide individualized support throughout the session.

Almost as good as a crystal ball

Enhance your R programming skills to build powerful machine learning models with hands-on exercises, real-world datasets, and reusable templates that will help you develop a new set of effective tools to tackle tough problems.

Make your data work for you

Transform your static datasets into living models that can direct your decision-making and help you determine the effectiveness of your programs and policies.

Is this right for you?

If you feel comfortable with R programming and want to move from visualizing data to analyzing data, this training is for you.

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