Introduction to R programming for government analytics

R programming is a powerful skill that will help you automate your work, discover new insights and tell stories with data. This three-day training will turn you into a confident R programmer and data analyst to speed up tedious data cleaning and dazzle colleagues with a variety of data visualizations. You will be able to analyze data efficiently and effectively, create predictive models, and build beautiful visualizations to help you solve critical problems for your constituents. This hands-on workshop optimizes learning by integrating practice time and discussion time in class to improve retention and provide individualized support.

Level up your data skills

Step beyond Excel and SQL and into the world of programming with hands-on exercises, real-world datasets, and reusable templates that you can put directly into your work to make a big impact quickly.

Open yourself up to a new world of data

You don’t need a background in math or programming to join millions of data analysts who use R to spend less time wrangling data and more time finding insights and meaning.

Is this right for you?

If you want to automate tedious data processes and distinguish yourself by finding new solutions to pressing problems, this training is for you.

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