Supercharging government intelligence with Excel

This 2-day training will take your Excel skills to the next level and give you the confidence and experience to discover new insights to improve the lives of citizens in your area. You’ll learn how to clean and prepare data for analysis, build forecasting models, and present your results with clear visualizations. This interactive workshop includes lots of tips and tricks to make your work go faster and lots of in-class practice time to refine your skills.

You don’t leave your skills in the classroom

You’ll hone your skills with real-world datasets and reusable templates that you can put directly into your work for a fast transition from Excel novice to master.

Learn with and from your peers

Collaborate with your colleagues to solve practical problems via exercises, and share your knowledge to solve problems that really matter.

Is this right for you?

If you want to become an Excel expert and distinguish yourself by making impactful data-driven decisions, this training is for you.

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